His face in the end was like “dear lord, thank god, but oh my god.”

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This is my advice to you. Selfless duty calls you to sacrifice your own spiritual needs and do whatever it takes to protect the world.

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I feel like this may be super relevant to Scott in the future.

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I'm glad you liked the little story! Good luck on your final. You go, Glen Coco.

Thanks! I’m gonna need it x_x I feel so unprepared. But perhaps I’m just a bit rattled from yesterday.

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during a quidditch game the Ravenclaw announcer narrates “and the seeker’s taking a dive, he’s turning down, can he-” before a muggleborn darts in and yells “TURN DOWN FOR WHAT” into the mic and every muggleborn in the entire arena loses their minds

"oh an excellent-" another muggleborn grabs the mic and yells "SHOTS, SHOTS, SHOT SHOT SHOTS! EVERYBODY!!" and there is no hope of recovering the crowd of dancing muggleborns after that





the fall of azula is one of the best written story arcs in cartoon history and i will stand by this comment forever

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I'm sorry you had a crappy day. :/ I think you could use a smile so I'll share what happened on our local news yesterday(it's pretty good!). Okay, so we are in this drought and a big water main broke yesterday and literally tons of clean water was going everywhere so it was a big deal. (continued)

I AM DYING. THANK YOU, ANON! This made me smile. I feel slightly better. I think I’ll feel even better after I get to New Orleans and am around friends tomorrow. But I gotta get through this final first.

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"I don’t want to keep watching people die. No one else dies. It doesn’t matter if they’re wendigos, or warewolves, or whatever. I’m gonna save everyone.

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If I comissioned a series of works by an artist, do you think they might offer a discount? Say…. 17ish pieces lol. I don’t have anywhere near the money right now, but I was thinking about commissioning a piece of art for each chapter in The War Of The Nemeton.


Don’t be scared. I’m a shapeshifter too!

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