Me [turns to Melissa Ponzio]:You're next, by the way! Your character and Scott.
Melissa:I would be honoured.
Melissa:I mean it. If I had known I would be on a show where fans are this passionate about the parents and characters...
Me:[speechless and emotional]
-Later on in the evening-
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Harry Potter books - first and last lines

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People need to accept that not all “cliches” are bad. People still like stuff like forbidden love stories, underdogs winning, and the dog biting back. The term cliche is negative, produces an image of all that is trite and boring, but actual cliches can be very good. Storytelling is built on cliches after all. 

It’s not the cliche but how it is utilized by the author.

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So you had to work with CGI a lot. Was there a time when you had to fight a Griever that didn’t actually exist? What was that like?

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  • finding someone aesthetically pleasing
  • being sexually attracted to someone
  • being romantically attracted to someone

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Why am I eating? I shouldn’t be hungry! Wtf body >.

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we are the reckless, 
we are the wild youth 
chasing visions of our futures

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Dylan O’Brien talks leading ‘The Maze Runner’ movie at WonderCon

He’s so flustered and keeps tugging on his hair, clothes, and face and I can’t deal.

I really wish the tinychat mobile app didn’t suck so much. Sorry guys!

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Posey and today’s real star, the giant-ass wolf.